‘Misanthrope’, Songzio’s FW17 tells a story – the story of a young man content in his solitude, walking the streets of an unknown city in the cold of a winter’s morning.
The collection borrows influence from strength and beauty throughout history; first showcasing high collars, deep black and royal blue velvet straight-line jackets and velvet bows evoking Edwardian England’s high classes to hooded black loose knitted woollen jumpers influenced by medieval warrior armour. The colour pallet of this collection became clear as the gradient became lighter with each look, starting with black, chocolate brown and deep blue adding in camel and beige, eventually introducing bright orange with pinks and off white.
Sweeping oversized off shoulder capes and voluminous pantaloons trousers married fashion with art as the designer continued to explore the concept ‘Paint on Black’, featuring his own original artworks as print. Further small-scale art prints could be seen with a flash of the lining, or embellishing the back of the more contemporary bomber and leather jackets.
Songzio delivers a darkly romantic collection, highlighting the unexplored beauty in asceticism and vanity, indulging in the way such individuals want to be perceived.


Photos by Elliott Morgan in exclusive for Fucking Young!