The arts scene in Germany set the tone of John Lawrence Sullivan’s FW17 collection with palette of reds, emerald green, mustard yellows and blacks along with structured cuts, embroidery and print of the German language.

Fully embodying the pride, strength and dignity of Sullivan, the boxer from where the brand borrows its name; designer Arashi Yanagawa presents a collection of strong box cut oversized 70s and 80s influenced jackets of leather and suede, cropped flared leather trousers, high waist parachute pantaloons, bondage inspired lace up trenches and chunky Chelsea boots in deep plum and snakeskin.

Most looks are complete with a cap bearing the words, ‘deutche’ or ‘provokativ’, embroidered in primary colours against an array of fabrics ranging from leather to corduroy, fully expressing the creativity and shock of the German arts scene.
Highlights of the show include a silver two piece crusted leather jacket and cropped leather trousers worn fittingly by a model with a silvery blonde buzz cut. Equally, a lime suede cropped two-piece suit and oversized red pantaloons belted and tucked with an embroidered logoed sweatshirt hold for strong competition.

To the backdrop of Depeche Mode’s ‘Personal Jesus’, the John Lawrence Sullivan collection conveys power and resilience, delivering a collection to be truly excited about.


Photos by Iolo Lewis Edwards for Fucking Young!