ARNETTE has teamed up with GIRL SKATEBOARDS to introduce their inaugural collaborative collection. This partnership is a natural fit, as both brands, hailing from the sunny state of California, embody a philosophy that prioritizes enjoyment over earnestness, and both boast a heritage of revolutionizing their respective industries.

The collaboration has resulted in a two-piece capsule collection that delves deep into the essence of skater culture and its tight-knit community. The collection, which is a nod to the vibrant and spontaneous nature of skateboarding, features two unique sunglasses models. These pieces are a modern reinterpretation of the classic ’90s subculture, with a fresh spin on the iconic Catfish model and a laid-back rectangular design. In keeping with ARNETTE’s ethos, the collection is crafted using materials that are more environmentally responsible.

The collection’s debut is marked by a cool campaign that captures the essence of a skateboarding journey across America’s urban landscape. The tour, which traverses the streets of New York, Baltimore, Washington, and Richmond, offers an authentic narrative through the experiences of the Girl Skateboards team.

Check it out below: