Milan Design Week just got a bit more interesting with Off-WhiteTM’s latest drop—a limited-edition rug. With only 40 pieces available, each with its own number, this rug is as exclusive as it gets.

The design? A classic floral pattern with a twist, all in deep blue. It’s a color you’ll recognize from Off-WhiteTM’s fashion line, and it’s front and center here. The rug’s big message, “DON’T WALK HERE,” is written in the brand’s usual font, fading from yellow to nothing in a cool ombré style.

To mark the occasion, Off-WhiteTM’s flagship store in Via Verri, Milan, is getting a makeover. The rug’s design will be all over the windows, and inside, it’ll wrap around everything, giving shoppers a full-on immersive experience.

Made in Germany with a double-layer felt lining, the “DON’T WALK HERE” rug is going for 1.250€. It’s up for grabs only at the Off-WhiteTM Milano Verri store.