During Milan Fashion Week, Simon Cracker unveiled its latest Spring/Summer 2024 collection, named “IN TEORIA.”

This collection, an intriguing paradox, exudes an air of joyful disorder while hiding an unsettling undertone. Simon Cracker ingeniously weaved together an assortment of fabrics, previously stashed away in its stockroom due to their perceived ugliness, to create a fascinating collection. Acid house t-shirts, playfully redesigned with enigmatic smiles, clash boldly with striped patterns and the sophisticated ‘bon ton’ trench coats reminiscent of the iconic ’60s TV series, ‘The Prisoner.’ Cyanotype prints, inspired by the enigmatic ‘Codex Seraphinianus,’ engage in a fierce visual battle with the eerie countenances of Blythe dolls, while Lalaloopsies dangle whimsically from chaotic bags.

Amidst its imaginative process of upcycling and crafting unique garments, Simon Cracker introduces a modest selection of ‘merch’ items—conceived with a touch less ‘fright’ and a tad more commercial appeal, at least in theory.

Check out the collection below: