It’s quite nice to see how people who work hard gradually achieve their goals. Life is a long process in which yes, you have to let everything develop organically, but you also have to add passion to what you do. Luca Magliano, founder and creative director of the eponymous MAGLIANO brand, is a perfect example of this reflection because when he creates something, as they say, he always starts the house from the foundations, not the roof.

Building construction is something that has had a lot to do with the creation of the Spring/Summer 2024 collection, presented during Milan Fashion Week and unveiled in an industrial environment and among fences on which, stopping to look at them, you could read the word “PALAMAGLIANO”, which as explained in the press release sent by the brand is a finished building but at the same time under construction that invites you to let yourself be seen for its complexity, even if it is only for five minutes.

The people who took part in the construction of this project and who came out to present themselves wore work clothes in dark and neutral tones, with printed words, some of which read “Magliano Srl” and others were prayers, epigraphs, and thanks for those who were part of it and for those who will be part of it in the future. The graphics punctuate important pleas, impudent daring, printed not to be forgotten.

In any case, both those who don’t forget and those who do feel a great appreciation for the pieces they wear, as many of them consider them to be talismans. And it is not surprising, because if we analyse in detail the garments in the form of bombers, trousers, overalls, or windbreakers, we can appreciate how lucky they are to own such items. Some of them are torn and, consequently, the materials broken, as in the case of nylon, but it doesn’t matter because the clothes have a story to tell and make them impossible to forget. In addition to the permanence of this memory of the pieces of clothing, there is one last item that makes it even more difficult to let go of a memory, the monster trainer in collaboration with U-Power, which loses its heaviness and comes in various forms.

Luca doesn’t make clothes just for the sake of it, but to tell something and to excite. Check out the MAGLIANO Spring/Summer 2024 collection below: