Severe Nature, a streetwear brand based in Nigeria and Canada, is excited to announce its upcoming “Militia” campaign for 2023. The collection includes a range of tees, jackets, cargos, and vests inspired by military fashion, all designed with a modern and edgy twist. Severe Nature believes that its collection will appeal to fashion-forward individuals who appreciate unique and stylish clothing with a military-inspired touch.

The campaign features upcoming Canadian youth collective Trnsprnt, which is comprised of multidisciplinary artists headed by avenoir.

Severe Nature’s tee-shirts are crafted with premium pique cotton and feature bold graphics and prints inspired by military insignia and emblems. Their jackets are designed with durable fabrics, practical pockets, and military-style detailing, making them both stylish and functional for everyday wear. The cargos are tailored with a modern fit and feature rugged materials, reinforced knees, and ample storage options, drawing inspiration from military cargo pants with the ability to change to cargo shorts. The vests are made with rugged yet comfortable materials, featuring utility pockets and tactical designs that are reminiscent of military vests.

Take a look at the campaign images below:

The collection is available HERE!