BBCC, a new brand in the world of slow-fashion, has launched its debut collection of embroidered t-shirts and tote bags. The brand draws inspiration from self-exploration and the power of repetitive words.

The flagship product is an oversized black t-shirt with yellow embroidery, bearing the words “Big Boys Cuddling Club.” This statement piece embodies the brand’s ethos of self-expression, self-discovery, and self-love. The color combination of black and yellow is meant to evoke a vintage, old-movie feel, while still having an industrial edge. The collection also features a large tote bag with embroidery, all crafted in Ukraine.

Yaroslav Lerman, a seasoned creative professional with experience working for global brands such as Puma, McDonald’s, and Pepsi, founded the project. The brand aims to challenge traditional gender norms and promote inclusivity through playful and subversive designs. “BBCC is a performance that declares life to be a performance,” says Lerman.

For the brand’s launch, Lerman collaborated with aspiring Ukrainian photographer Ihnat Aliiev, casting people he has known for some time and likes. The result is a unique blend of storytelling, fashion, and art that captures the brand’s warm, blurred, and uplifting vibe.

BBCC intends to create timeless pieces that will last beyond trends, challenging the fast-paced and wasteful nature of the fashion industry. With a focus on limited-edition releases, the brand aims to create artifacts that provoke self-exploration and spark conversations.

The first drop includes an oversized black t-shirt with yellow embroidery, as well as a large tote bag. Additional options in white (with blue embroidery) and pink (with green embroidery) will be available in the coming weeks. Pre-orders are currently open, with shipping scheduled to begin on April 20th.

Take a look at the collection below: