“Another secret:  this is what photographs do.  They whisper in your ear, saying, ‘You were there.’  This is no lullaby, no sleepy remembering.  Instead, it is a jolt of recognition.  ‘I was there,’ you think to yourself, amazed.  ‘I was there, and so were you.’” – Emma StraubSECRETS

From October 29 to November 14, Gallery Space at Space 15 Twenty is pleased to present Secrets, a group photography exhibition.  Curated by Skye Parrott and Alec Friedman of Dossier Journal, the show is comprised of 39 photographers’ visual responses when asked to tell a secret.  As of Dossier’s inception in May 2008, the biannual arts and culture magazine has been themed around not having a theme, making this guiding question a unique curatorial exercise.  “We really didn’t know how it would turn out,” says Parrott, “and I think the end result was much more layered than we’d even anticipated.”

The exhibit depicts a rich range of interpretations, with images that are dark, delightful, or occasionally both, as is the case with Friedman’s bittersweet portrait of a sunburned back.  The show comments quietly on the duality of memory, both ephemeral and permanent, in a way that is aptly suited for the photographic medium.  The photographs’ materiality also reinforces their longevity, and seeing that Dossier is one of the rare print media successes launched of late, it comes as no surprise that the magazine favors analog over digital photography.  “That’s not to say that digital doesn’t have its merits, because there are some huge ones,” Parrott notes, “but film does as well, and since its heading towards obsolescence, we’d like to be part of slowing that trend.”

An opening reception for Secrets will take place on October 29th, from 7 to 10pm.  Gallery Space will be also offering a printed portfolio to accompany the exhibit, with poetic explanatory text by Emma Straub.

For more information, please contact gallery@space15twenty.com.


Participating artists include:

David Armstrong
Hisham Bharoocha
Cass Bird
Angela Boatwright
Robin Broadbent
Samantha Casolari
Alexandra Catiere
Cody Chandler
Rachel Chandler
Chris Chenier
Todd Cole
Tony Cox
Jessica Craig-Martin
Sam Falls
Seth Fluker
Alec Friedman
Jason Fulford
Marcelo Gomes
Julia Hetta
Richard Kern
Andreas Laszlo Konrath
Jeremy Liebman
Nicholas Lorden
Pamela Love
Dan Martensen
Sophie Morner
Santiago Mostyn
Skye Parrott
Virginia Rolston Parrott
Marc Pilaro
Pedro Ramos
Reka Reisinger
Ola Rindal
David Benjamin Sherry
Jordan Sullivan
Peter Sutherland
Martynka Wawrzyniak
Weston Wells
Io Tillett Wright