The Fall/Winter 2024 collection by SEAN SUEN is a nostalgic journey into the past, inspired by the fashion trends that shaped the East in a decade of cultural fusion and artistic expression. The designer revisits the styles that defined his generation, when the East and the West met and mingled, creating a new era of diversity and creativity.

The collection showcases the classic elements of Eastern fashion, such as wool suits, oversized coats, and handmade knits, but with a modern twist. SEAN SUEN adds vibrant colors and elaborate accessories to contrast with the muted palette of “black, gray, brown, green”. He also experiments with the form and structure of the garments, deconstructing and reassembling them to create new shapes and textures. The result is a collection that reflects the spirit of the golden age of Eastern fashion, when people were eager to explore, rebel, and innovate.

SEAN SUEN’s collection is not only a homage to the past, but also a commentary on the present. He explores the relationship between human consciousness and the evolution of eras, and how fashion can be a medium to express one’s identity and values.

Check out the collection below: