Salomon’s SPEEDCROSS 3 stands as a testament to the brand’s profound expertise in trail running, blending practicality with avant-garde design that has redefined the world of mountain racing and trail running. Since its inception, the SPEEDCROSS 3 has been more than just footwear; it’s a declaration of individuality, a beacon for those who dare to be different, and a fashion icon that has effortlessly ascended to cult status without ever compromising its true nature.

As we step into 2024, Salomon honors the storied past and ongoing legacy of the SPEEDCROSS 3, all while nurturing its evolution as a fashion staple. Born from a desire to disrupt the norm with its pioneering performance, the SPEEDCROSS 3 is undergoing a transformation, forging connections with a community of innovators who share a passion for limitless creativity and mutual upliftment.

True to its founding principles and visual identity, the SPEEDCROSS 3 revives the ‘Sulphur’ colorway, a hallmark from 2011, reintroducing the audacious and lively hues that marked its original release. This defiant, unconventional profile persists in its mission to meld high-performance gear with a sophisticated platform for personal expression, embodying the spirit of individualism that has always been at its core.