ROMBAUT unveiled its Spring/Summer 2018 campaign, captured by the lens of Kito Muñoz.

Photographed in an abandoned bank building in the 7th arrondissement of Paris, a gang of twelve Parisian characters cast by Austrian artist Franziska Bachoven-Echt are the protagonists of ROMBAUT’s fifth campaign, evolving the brand’s message of sustainable design and animal-free production whilst engaging in dynamic conversations with the underground art and music scene. Elsewhere labeled DJs, actors, artists, stylists, designers – here their different identities are stripped bare in a neutralized expression of optimistic youth energy, healthy bodies, curiosity and the hedonism of a futuristic utopia.

Health, vitality, vegetation. We have to consider that ROMBAUT is a brand that uses no animal
materials, so to celebrate that, the first thing that came to my mind is green fields, a lot of human skin in movement, and the fetish of shoes.” – Kito Muñoz, photographer

The Spring campaign is about freedom, playfulness, spontaneity, and innocence – with a hopeful, almost animalistic façade of youth (campaigning for a better future)” – Mats Rombaut, creative director