ROMBAUT marks a decade with “PATH,” a collection capturing its unique journey. Launched in 2014, ROMBAUT has become a name synonymous with innovation and ethical practices in fashion.

“PATH” tells the story of ROMBAUT’s growth over the past ten years, highlighting the challenges they’ve overcome and the values they hold dear – environmental responsibility and social consciousness.

This year, ROMBAUT draws inspiration from Shaolin Kung Fu, a practice that emphasizes balance and inner strength. The collection reflects this philosophy, intertwining Zen Buddhist and Taoist ideas with physical resilience.

After a brief pause in 2023, the brand’s founder faced the challenge of rejoining a fashion landscape increasingly dominated by AI. Yet, amidst a world in flux, ROMBAUT finds purpose in creating pieces that tell a story. These garments are symbols of hope, serving as future relics of our times.

Check it out below: