Rombaut unveils its new campaign, a supporter of the brand’s fresh Fall/Winter 2023 collection, titled “Out of Touch.”

In a reunion with photographer Romain Roucoules, known for his work on Rombaut’s SS20 Dysmorphia campaign, this campaign marks a shift. Roucoules, a visual artist who treats photos as if they were paintings, takes us from the world of still life to one that paints life in an intriguing in-between state. It’s a state somewhere between dream and reality, a space between the tangible and the surreal, aligning with the brand’s exploration of duality, escapism, futurism, and human struggle.

This exploration is manifested by featuring relatable individuals in domestic settings with unconventional architectural spaces. These scenes portray an untouchable life, almost too perfect to be real, and in doing so, they cast these personas as beings who are indeed out of touch with reality, consumed by this flawless dream.

If Rombaut’s previous campaigns asked whether we were silently protesting or just sleeping through a crisis, this new effort leans fully into the latter. As these personas succumb to this perfect dream of an untouchable life, it forces us to ponder, should we aspire to be that? Or is it all a falsehood, an illusion? Perhaps, is perfection simply out of reach?

Rombaut’s Fall/Winter 2023 collection wholeheartedly embraces this “Out of Touch” notion by introducing a vibrant array of colors and textures. From the cold, sleek black patent to the unforgiving carbon mesh and the warm embrace of faux fur and “pixie-dream” rose satin, these elements find their way onto the brand’s iconic styles and new models.

Among these new models, the “Nucleo Boot” stands out as an evolution of Rombaut’s best-seller, the “Nucleo” sneaker. Utilizing the same futuristic outsole, the brand introduces the “VIZOR,” a sleek high boot with a pointed toe, promising a unique style. The campaign also introduces the “Boccaccio II MJ High,” a fresh take on the classic Mary-Jane style, and the quirky “Alien Barefoot Boot” with a playful sci-fi design.

Furthermore, the campaign showcases new colorways of the iconic Rombaut chunky ballerina, the “Boccaccio II Aura,” available in “Trash” and “Rose Satin” versions. For those who appreciate bold choices, the celebrated fold-over boot, “Boccaccio II Rain” in Faux Fur, and the future classic “NEO” in black patent & carbon make an appearance. It’s clear that Rombaut’s “Out of Touch” collection is all about embracing diversity, texture, and style, while challenging our perceptions of the perfect life.