Romain Kremer has returned to his origins, creating a unique and intimate collection that he affectionately dubs ‘Sport Couture’. Working solo in his Parisian apartment, he meticulously designed each garment, drawing inspiration from a wide range of athletic disciplines such as gymnastics, surfing, and ice skating. These pieces seamlessly blend technical elements with sculptural forms, subtly nodding to various uniforms while melding contrasting materials like neoprene with couture aesthetics. The result? Fascinating, sleek silhouettes that capture attention with their refined simplicity.

Within this collection, a striking convergence occurs: athleticism intertwines with romanticism, all while challenging traditional notions of masculinity. With 25 distinct looks, Kremer deliberately chose to capture and document the collection in his apartment, creating a personal connection between his designs and his creative process.

This collection marks a departure from the conventional ready-to-wear production format, instead aiming to foster a unique dialogue with customers. It serves as a starting point for an exclusive journey, one that evolves and adapts in an exceptional form, evading the confines of tradition.

Check out the collection below: