Rhuigi Villaseñor‘s Spring/Summer 2024 collection takes a nostalgic voyage back to his roots, serving as a reset and a rebirth. This season is an opportunity to restore old codes, introduce fresh ones, and unveil a more focused collection that embodies the brand’s envisioned path. Reflecting on his upbringing and the journey his parents undertook, packing bags and traversing cities and countries in pursuit of a brighter future and a beautiful life, Villaseñor discovers profound lessons that shape his perception of the world.

Titled “A Dream Within A Dream,” the collection emerges from Villaseñor’s personal aspiration—to master the art of sailing. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources, including majestic planes, enigmatic camels in the Middle East, captivating boats in South-East Asia, towering billboards across America, evocative European secret agent films, and the awe-inspiring realm of superheroes, a common thread unites them all: the embodiment of Villaseñor’s interpretation of the new Americana.

Check out the collection below: