PUMA’s collaboration with Colm Dillane, aka KidSuper, is a vibrant mix of art and sport. The collection takes PUMA’s football roots and Dillane’s enthusiasm for the sport and turns it into a fashion-forward lineup. It’s a blend of pastel shades and modern design that brings a new vibe to traditional sportswear.

The Velophasis and Palermo sneakers have been reimagined into the Velophasis Nu and Palermo Nu. These revamped kicks keep the essence of the originals but with a touch of luxury, featuring cashmere suede and mesh, plus unique PUMA and KidSuper branding. The Velophasis Nu stands out with its intentionally distressed look, reminiscent of early 2000s style.

The clothing in the collection showcases KidSuper’s artistic flair. The Track Jacket and Pants are all about bold colors and detailed embroidery. The Knitted Jersey and Shorts carry the KidSuper Football Club badge, and the Cardigan, Longsleeve, and Skirt display unique KidSuper designs, with the Cardigan featuring an abstract human face pattern. The collection’s accessories, including a Bucket Hat, Duffle Bag, and Scarf, all echo the artistic and football-inspired theme of the clothing.

The campaign features Dillane as the head of the PUMA x KidSuper clan, with a nod to ’90s mobster movies. It highlights the collection’s key pieces, especially the tracksuits.

Check it out below: