Louis Vuitton teams up with Pharrell Williams for their first men’s fragrance, LVERS.

Imagine a cologne that smells like summer – think fresh grass, leaves warmed by the sun, and maybe even a hint of forest earth. That’s LVERS! The perfumer used special ingredients to create this unique scent, inspired by the science of plants using sunlight to grow.

LVERS isn’t just a cologne, it’s a pick-me-up! The ingredients have a long history in different cultures, used for everything from healing to warding off evil spirits. It’s basically sunshine in a bottle that smells good and makes you feel good too.

The bottle itself is pretty cool – it reflects light just like sunshine. It even comes in a travel case and a special box decorated with Pharrell’s own camouflage design.

It’s a new chapter for Louis Vuitton fragrances, and we can’t wait to see (or should we say smell?) what it’s all about!