In reincarnation, it is believed there is an interval between the end of one life and the beginning of the next life. Designer Julius Juul was intrigued by the concept of an intermediate state in which an object or entity is in transition between two stages. Not being in the original stage or the new stage, but existing only in the transitional stage. Manifesting the transitional phase as a permanent structure. A ‘Permanent Metamorphosis’.

This concept gave way for garments in the collection to be explored as transitional pieces in which different phases of the transition were expressed. Asymmetrical patterns and shape modifications conveyed the concept of work in transition. Prints in the collection were generated using artificial intelligence to find the intermediate stage in an image in between various images.

In relation to this concept designer Julius Juul constructed the collection with the familiar HELIOT EMIL silhouettes, and continues the constant narrative of exploring a balance between form and function with each garment design.