The concept of “fashion” typically represents the ever-evolving trends of the moment. But when it comes to Paul Kooiker‘s fashion photography, it’s an entirely different story.

In his distinctive approach, Kooiker captures the essence of the biggest fashion brands and today’s most recognizable faces. However, he transports them to a world entirely their own. His surreal images feel like frozen moments from a film, each one a fragment of a story that we’re left to interpret.

What sets Kooiker’s work apart is its ability to break free from conventional gender roles. His models strike unconventional poses, and often, their faces remain obscured, shrouding their identities in a veil of mystery. At times, it’s a puzzle to determine whether the subject is human or a meticulously crafted doll. But in his quest to capture the opulence of luxury objects, Kooiker takes things a step further. He magnifies the means of presentation, from mannequins to displays, to such an extent that it’s our own desires that are ultimately captured by his camera.

In a comprehensive journey spanning ten chapters, Kooiker attempts to articulate his distinctive perspective on fashion. His commissioned work, which bears the same title, has taken center stage in solo exhibitions at prestigious venues like the Museum Folkwang Essen in 2021 and Foam Amsterdam in 2022.

Check out below some of the works featured in the book: