Spanish designer Palomo Spain presents a capsule collection in exclusive for the luxury platform SSENSE.

Reimagining menswear from the ground up, Palomo Spain’s radical yet approachable early collections have placed the label amongst the fashion world’s most rousing newcomers. Following his graduation from the London College of Fashion in 2015, Alejandro Gomez Palomo’s breakout collection “Objeto Sexual” was an immediate stand-out, eventually garnering a nomination for the coveted LVMH prize. Though conceived as a men’s collection, Palomo’s design process exists outside of any hackneyed notions of gender identity, divorcing delicate fabrics and ornamental embellishments from any preconceived associations. This results in otherworldly, phantasmic collections that bring an unbridled sense of experimentation to the modern man’s wardrobe, upgrading traditional suiting with utterly foreign proportions while invoking unprecedented silhouettes by way of silk evening gowns and sleeveless, satin jumpsuits. Yet even the label’s more familiar, straightforward pieces foster a distinct timbre of refined elegance, evidencing the warmth that lies at the root of Palomo’s polarizing explorations. An aspirational glimpse into a future where garment-making is stripped of binary constraints, Palomo Spain is, at its core, a celebration of pristine craftsmanship conceived by an era-defining designer-in-the-making.

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