The OUR LEGACY Fall/Winter 2023 collection ‘Bold’ was largely derived and inspired by pieces of clothing that have managed to linger in lives for too long. Items that have once been favourites and inherit a value that has accumulated over time, surviving decades.

By being in existence for so long, these favourites have as a side effect had their proportions warped, altered and deteriorated. Miniature jackets, reshaped tailoring and shrunken jersey can be seen throughout the collection referencing this phenomenon. Taken from the same notion, faded and washed materials which give the illusion of ageing can be seen.

This season’s collection also explores the meeting of disparate proportioned items. Among the pieces is children’s clothing that had only the measurements needed to fit an adult increased as well. This concept can primarily be seen among the outerwear.

I brought pieces of my own children’s clothing to the office which we all tried on to first and foremost create the opportunity of experimenting with proportions. Many of the looks on the runway are inspired by the idea of a look being a “mixtape” of favourites. Clothes from different eras and periods that have been brought together to form outfits simultaneously clashing and complementing.”.

Take a look at the collection below: