Oliver Peoples has partnered with tennis legend Roger Federer to unveil an exclusive collection of eyewear. The collection, which marks the first venture between the two, is a four-part series under the auspices of the Roger Federer “RF” brand and Oliver Peoples.

The inaugural release features six distinct models, comprising four stylish sunglasses and two sophisticated protective frames. The designs are a testament to Federer’s long-standing affinity for the Oliver Peoples brand, a relationship that began over two decades ago with his first purchase from the Los Angeles-based company.

Reflecting Federer’s versatile lifestyle, the collection is designed to seamlessly transition from the sports arena to daily wear and even to the glamour of the red carpet. Each pair of sunglasses is crafted to stand out, offering a unique blend of everyday style with the wrap-around protection that hints at the high-performance capabilities within.

Capturing the essence of Federer’s multifaceted life, the campaign, shot by Pari Dukovic, juxtaposes an all-white tennis ensemble with the elegance of a classic tuxedo, embodying the spirit of the collection.

Check it out below: