The AA1 collection by Antonio Acuario is a deeply personal journey through the designer’s past eight years, transformed into tangible artistry. The collection emerges from pre-existing pieces, reimagined and revalued, carrying with them the essence of their history into contemporary silhouettes.

In a meticulous process of deconstruction and reconstruction, the collection breathes new life into tailoring pieces crafted from super 100’s to 130’s wool, cotton textiles dating back to the late 1990s and early 2000s, vintage party attire, and intricate lace. Embroidered elements from the 19th century, once forgotten treasures found in markets and thrift stores, now find their place in this collection that encapsulates Acuario’s internal narrative and experiences.

Each garment in the collection is a testament to craftsmanship, having been carefully deconstructed and hand-sewn back together without the introduction of new materials. Every thread, every fabric is a reclaimed piece of history or sourced from local surplus stocks.

Embracing the digital age, the collection’s promotional efforts are entirely online, reflecting a commitment to sustainability and a harmony with the evolving times. This digital approach underscores the brand’s dedication to environmental responsibility and the global community’s collective future.

Check out the collection below:

Photographer: Eva Carasol / @evacarasol
Stylist: Tes Rosmeri / @tesrosmeri
Assistant: Rosario Muga / @rosariomuga
Makeup & hair: Magdalena Cardemil / @maidacardemil
Model: @_heilongjian_ @bentomodels