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Odiseo published by Folch Studio offers a sophisticated take on erotica, redefining the confines of traditional erotic publishing by balancing philosophical texts and essays with images that lie in between art and erotica. Odiseo Vol. 7 is dedicated to the notion of Truth.

The triptych of covers by Juan Hernández open the issue. Paul Jung, depicts human body as if it was a surreal landscape; the young German photographer Bennie Julian Gay offers seductive sights and gestures with glimpses of fashion; Maud Rémy-Lonvis portraits her personal muse in a set of pictures that, while keeping her studio photography styling, reveals the intimacy between the two as Maud appears in some pictures, self-portrayed. Regarding the text, writer Eugenia Lapteva interviews the famous French mathematician Cédric Villani. The interview revolves around a quest for Truth. Alongside with Hans Frederik Jacobsen’s essay on Zeteticism, Fiktion contributes to the issue with two brilliant pieces, parts of the book Concentration: Ingo Niermann introduces the book in the text Literature and Concentration, followed by a fictional text by American artist Amy Patton: a fragmented work, almost a pre-screenplay.

“Ironically, the issue dedicated to the Truth has multiple covers and the triptych depicts a fragmented visual tale: there lies the erotica, in the subtle border between pleasure and suffering, between brutality and love.” Albert Folch, Art Director






“The body, central axis of erotism. The construction of the image goes far beyond the search for perfection, digging into the condition of bodies as powerful visual substances: their power is not only sexual as it involves a body that ventures into finding itself no matter its gender, turning into a way of exploring the diverse faces of the human condition.” Juan Hernández, Photographer

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