Oakley has always been a brand fueled by audacity. Its journey began in 1975, and now, with the release of “Future Genesis: Chapter One,” Oakley’s legacy continues to unfold. This animated fiction film, accompanied by an ashcan preview comic created in collaboration with Dark Horse Comics, marks a key moment in Oakley’s evolution.

The story picks up after the original 1992 Max Fearlight film, bridging the gap with the teaser films from 2023. It propels us into a future where Oakley’s disruptive DNA meets the boundless potential of a new era. But what exactly is “Future Genesis”?

Imagine a world incrementally better than today—a protopian future. Oakley fuses its storied past with the energy of a new generation, embracing hope and acceptance while staying true to its roots. This transformation extends beyond storytelling; it permeates retail experiences and product innovation.

At the heart of “Chapter One” is Max Fearlight, emblematic of Oakley’s heritage. Max’s evolution mirrors the brand’s own journey. Brian Takumi, Oakley’s VP of Creative & Soul, emphasizes that this isn’t just a campaign—it’s a blueprint for a limitless future. From redesigned lobbies and global stores to product design, Oakley is reimagining everything.

Max’s cautious outlook clashes with his wife Sasha’s hopefulness. Caught in between is their spirited daughter, Maxine Fearlight. She embodies curiosity, optimism, and the promise of Oakley’s future. As the storm clouds gather, Max perceives danger, Sasha envisions a brighter tomorrow, and Maxine sees sparks of possibility.

Oakley’s partnership with Dark Horse Comics opens a new chapter in multimedia storytelling. The preview comic, set to release in late May, offers a glimpse into the “Future Genesis” universe. Fantasy and reality intertwine, hinting at Oakley’s distinctive design and progressive technology.