Responding to society´s current and future needs born from modern culture, this project explores the potential of temporary furniture. Reducing comfort to the minimum in order to enlarge mobility to the maximum, Jorge Penadés encourage us to reconsider our ideas of contemporary furniture and give them new meanings in a more ephemeral context.

Luxury is not anymore a matter of comfort. Nowadays, luxury is to be able to decide where you want to have a moment of peace, a chance to escape from hectic activity of contemporary lifestyles.

This project is based on a structure without any kind of screws, nails or glue. The system works through connections inspired by traditional wooden joinery that can be assembled and disassembled by hand, with small gestures in (approx) 2 minutes. This fact allows the user to move easily with the seat from one place to another, emphasizing dynamism as the object´s inherent purpose.

“Nomadic Chair” is part of Nomadic Seating Series a further development of Penadés’ Graduation project Nomadic Studio, presented at Escola Superior de Disseny i d’Arts Plàstiques (ESDAP) in Barcelona last June.

Jorge Penadés is currently investigating new possibilities of temporary furniture in order to create a collection of pieces within the same principle, understanding furniture as itinerant objects rather than static.