Nicopanda premieres an exclusive track off electroclash duo Fischerspooner’s forthcoming album, SIR, which is produced by REM’s Michael Stipe and slated for release in fall 2016. Titled, “Everything is Just Alright,” the new song soundtracks Nicopanda’s latest fashion film, starring choreographer Josh Killacky, the 20-year-old famous for creating a viral AirBoard routine to Justin Bieber’s “What Do You Mean?”

After discovering him on YouTube, Founder Nicola Formichetti directly reached out to Killacky on Instagram. “I fell in love with the way he moved, so I DMed him,” he said. “When I saw him, I knew I wanted to create a Nicopanda video using Fischerspooner’s new song. It all came together at the same time very organically. I love when things like that happen—it’s the universe that’s doing the work.”

The film was shot in Los Angeles by Director Alexander Alexandrov, featuring Killacky wearing looks from Nicopanda’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, all now available online. Split into three different color stories, Formichetti said the film represents the good, bad and in-between of Killacky’s personality—white, black and pink hues all pulled from Nicopanda’s “ballerina-punk” range this season.


I’m always drawn to people who’re a little bit different,” Formichetti said. “Josh is very sweet looking, almost like an angel, but dances really quite hard. He embodies the theme of this Nicopanda collection—the soft and hard, ballerina and punk.
Director: Alexander Alexandrov
Fashion Director: Nicola Formichetti
Production: Daniel Cingari
Editor: Alex Bohs
Stylist: Franc Fernandez
Hair: Rachel Lee Brady
Make-up: Meredith Menchel
Camera Assistant: Eric Waldron
Choreographer: Josh Killacky
Dancers: Josh Killacky, Alex Ditommaso, Evan Moody
Soundtrack: Fischerspooner – “Everything is Just Allright”