The fashion industry is at a particularly delicate moment in time, preferring not to wade into the swampy terrain but to go for what it truly believes in, which today is a timeless wardrobe full of classic pieces with a modern twist.

If we were to look for a menswear wardrobe of this kind, probably one of the first choices would be the one offered by British designer Neil Barrett, who recently presented his Spring/Summer 2025 collection during Milan Fashion Week.

For the upcoming S/S season, the British designer has decided to elevate the everyday through fragments of classic tailoring, fabrics, and ideology. To develop all these ideas, Neil has been inspired by personalities like Cary Gran, Jay Gatsby, and James Bond. All these men, fashion icons to some, know better than anyone that a well-tailored suit is one of the most infallible weapons a man can have, and even more so if it is accompanied by a white handkerchief in the pocket of the jacket; hence many of the garments in the collection had details of this kind.

Still, on the subject of tailoring, it is indeed a field that has lost weight as far as formality is concerned – positively taking this argument – since a suit can now be worn for practically any kind of situation, on its own, or combined with T-shirts, shirts, and even sweatshirts as the brand suggests. All of the aforementioned also appear independently, leaving the hands and forearms free, giving a sense of movement, purpose, and freshness.

All the offer was rich in the highest percentage and that was due to the perfect construction and cut of it; to the colour palette chosen, dominated by marine tones, light greys, neutrals, browns, and enlivened by pink, alabaster, burgundy, ochre and gold; and by the luxury fabrics, making the pieces take on another context, see for example the shine of the Duchesse satin and the lightly structured taffeta, the cotton poplin, and the drill.

Lastly, the looks were enhanced with brown leather shoes, some with a worn look, velcro fastening, and worn with socks.

Have a look at the Neil Barrett Spring/Summer 2025 collection below: