If there has been a brand that has not stopped being heard in the previous weeks to the latest edition of Milan Fashion Week, that’s the one founded and creatively directed by Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, aka JORDANLUCA. The hundreds of headlines generated due to its piss effect jeans have helped it to position itself in the market and, by the way, to connect with the public.

From the moment Camera Moda announced the calendar, the designer duo’s show became a special date on many people’s calendars; an event that did not disappoint at all, as (spoiler alert) they received a huge round of applause from the attendees at the end, and even managed to bring a tear to some of them, for example, Mia Khalifa.

The soundtrack chosen to accompany the Spring/Summer 2025 collection added intensity to the show and was one of the culprits behind these reactions. But what generated this were the dozens of looks that made up JORDANLUCA’s new work, where honesty, sensitivity, and purity, aggressiveness, and elegance could be seen. At first glance, one might think that it is practically impossible, for everything mentioned, to fit together perfectly like the puzzle pieces, but if one puts courage into the action, surely it can be achieved. That’s what happened, the line was a success and turned out to be the freshest of MFW.

Brand freshness comes from not being swayed by the dictates of the big fashion houses and doing what feels right. That’s why Bowen and Marchetto have got to where they are. They’ve made men’s fashion exciting and interesting, proof of that are the now trademark double-collared shirts worn with lycra biker tights; the college-style knitted polo shirts, striking for their exaggerated shoulder proportions, and the extra-long collars they have; those that from the moment they are released will become the most desirable tank tops because of the detail of the raised straps, which look as if they’ve been given out after a long night of fun and passion; and because of the fabrics chosen for the clothes, especially the crocodile-skin simulated.

Still, on the fabrics side, there were also plastic-enamelled silks, denim, tweed, and rich textiles used for the construction of suits and tailored pieces (a must-have for the brand), with suit jackets coming in oversized form, pronounced shoulders, and two or three buttons. Parkas to protect against the cold weather can be worn over them to give them a casual, mischievous look.

Rounding off the offer are elongated black leather lounge shoes and kitten-heeled boots with slanted harnesses for men, as well as three sizes of the JordanLuca Gotham bag and a Weekender in faux crocodile leather, laminated florals, and Italian suede.

Have a look at the JORDANLUCA Spring/Summer 2025 collection below: