Moschino and its new creative director Adrian Appiolaza have been in charge of kicking off Milan Fashion Week and, at the same time, unveiling the new menswear collection prepared by the house for the show.

“Collezione 01 – Lost and Found” is the title Adrian has given to his Spring/Summer 2025 proposal, an expression of the uniqueness of individuals and a full-blown exploration of the world, the mind, and the brand’s heritage. Jeremy Scott – former creative director for a decade – and Franco Moschino himself set the bar high and it seemed that no one else would know how to carry on their legacies, but after viewing the line referenced, it’s more than clear that Appiolaza knows what he’s doing and where he wants to take the legendary company.

The new Moschino is more refined and wearable and still retains the fun and ironic touch that has always been present. Fashion is to be worn as you please and to have fun with it, almost everyone knows that, but if you can also manage not to look disguised and look cool, even better. This is what the designer has achieved/offered, garments that promise to be bestsellers and brighten up anyone’s sad days, when one just wants to leave the city and disappear, such as the yellow knitted jumper with a black smile or a ball print, the shirts with colourful flowers or trompe l’oeil, and the jumpers with different collars placed around them.

All very fun, as you can see, but it doesn’t end there, because that fun extends to the accessories field, where headdresses of several hats joined together, different brooches joined together, extra-long ties, or briefcase-type bags with a heart included, like Sherlock Holmes’ that are worn with traditional tailoring without restrictions and limits, transformed and deconstructed, and then reconstructed, and with twisted trench coats.

Have a look at the images of Moschino by Adrian Appiolaza’s Collezione 01 below: