Launching 20 June, the “Vive La France” capsules are modern-day interpretations of four distinct thematic segments – Savoir-Faire, Parisian Street, Nouvelle Vague and Bleu de Travail – from a host of 14 French casualwear brands, including AMI, Officine Generale, Hartford, Maison Kitsuné, Holiday Boileau, Arpenteur, J.M. Weston, Lacoste, Armor Lux, Bleu De Chauffe, Husbands, De Bonne Facture, Maison Labiche and Le Mont Saint Michel.

Each brand has created a collection unique to its own idea of iconic French culture, resulting in more than 147 products across clothing, shoes and accessories. Together, they comprise MR PORTER’s homage to a nation famous for its formidable elegance, effortless style, heritage and craftsmanship.

Vive La France offers a deeply established set of French brands, from the larger global-driven brands to the small manufacturers focused on hand-craftsmanship, and each brings their own distinct flair and viewpoint to the overall exclusive collection. It’s been an extremely collaborative working process from both the brands and MR PORTER, and we look forward to seeing our customers’ reaction once it launches!” Ms. Fiona Firth, Buying Director, MR PORTER