Italian fashion house Moschino has recently unveiled its Pre-Fall 2023 collection, designed by its creative director Jeremy Scott, in which it offers a modern take on punk, not necessarily based on an anti-establishment sentiment. This time, these themes are treated from a more playful, playful point of view, grounded in the spirit of the word, which as a term has evolved to represent something much broader and more textured in the 2020s.

Jeremy sees punk as a character of fusion, which is about going against the grain, but not sticking to or becoming a type. It’s about taking the world’s chaos, mixing it up, and making it your own in form and fit. Scott’s proposal starts with a hybrid moto-trench hybrid with a patchwork print, with tartan, military, leopard, and studded motifs for added effect.

Gradually the line moves towards a more free-flowing union, where a wide peak lapel jacket reveals a moto collar incorporated with a half-zip jumper featuring cargo pockets with tartan trim and eyelets.

Moschino means fun, craziness, and risk, so a modified double-breasted leopard-print suit comes into play, paired with patent leather high-top boots, adding a retro touch.

The graphics, too, qualify with the same adjectives we just defined the brand with, coming in punk style, and becoming a not-so-silent stir, as do the anarchy symbols, oversized safety pin details, and a money print that covers the entire garment. On this one, George Washington’s face appears, wearing sunglasses underlined by “MOSCHINO” in a font that mimics mint.

Other pieces such as wide-legged shorts with frayed hems, oversized cardigans, and a striped car coat do not go unnoticed, as do Judy Blame’s beret and the decadent final series of blue flowers with laminated leather pieces.

To conclude J.S. portrays something of a gang. A group of like-minded individuals, attracted by the same interests but with their own ways and methods of dressing. It’s not about adapting or adopting another look in its entirety, but about putting the pieces together and seeing punk as fun.

Check out the collection below: