Moose Knuckles indeed gives a fuck, that’s why the brand started a platform to share their ongoing charitable projects and continue to rock with the communities they love and support; the disenfranchised, the underdogs, the weirdos brave enough to be themselves, the rebels with a cause, and the disruptors who believe change is possible when we come together for a greater good.

For their first three initiatives, Moose Knuckles partnered with Marz Lovejoy, a pioneering artist and activist in the New York Fashion world. With Marzy’s help they were able to touch and impact the lives of a single mother facing eviction with her two kids, an entire community of kids and young adults in Harlem, and an LGBTQ dance center with an open door policy to marginalized youth called “The Door”.

Moose Knuckles is also donating 100% of net profits and 200,000 face masks from two of its initiatives to the World Health Organization (WHO) and hospitals in Montreal, Milan, and New York City.