MODALISBOA OASIS is about to begin. There is nothing left to welcome all the public of the city in the Lisbon Social Mitra, which from 6th to 9th October and in co-organization with the Lisbon City Council will carry out a parallel program to its calendar of fashion shows. In this parallel programme we will find the usual Fast Talks, exhibitions, performances, a lounge area and a Pop-up store made up exclusively of Portuguese designers. 

59 editions of the Lisbon Fashion Week, how time goes by, and best of all, how much it has grown in recent years and how much it contributes to the fashion scene, because if you don’t know, despite being one of the smallest fashion weeks, it is one of the few that promotes conscious, informed and sustainable purchasing as a decisive factor in the value chain. From the 7th to the 9th of October, Lisboa Social Mitra will become the selling point for Portuguese designers and a set of brands that energize the Portuguese fashion ecosystem.

Art lovers will also have their place thanks to SQUATbyCABANAmad, an artistic intervention curated by Antonio Lettieri that flows between Visual Arts, Design and Performance. It will be a pavilion transformed into a temporary gallery, permeating the concept of “squatting” at Lisbon Fashion Week: disruptive, experimental, a place of communion and transformation that dictates artistic and independent cultural production. Finally, the gallery will also be joined by a performance, MIRAGE, by Marianne and David J. Amado, which will premiere tomorrow, 6th October.


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Sustainability and awareness, as we have said, will be something really important in this fashion week, since we will be able to find another exhibition focused on raw materials – biodegradable, biomaterials, leather, nature and recycled plastics. For its part, Portuguese shoes will show the public at MODALISBOA OASIS that the only path (the one already travelled and the one we want to follow) is that of sustained sustainability, both through strategic thinking and planning. In addition to the exhibition open to the public, APICCAPS will also host a presentation restricted to the press on 8 October at 16:30.

Finally, there will also be the installation MODAPORTUGAL, which represents a holographic immersion of a factory, taking into account the concepts of transparency and circularity as models of industrial production and the respective life cycles of materials, contexts and processes.

You already have all the information you need about MODALISBOA. Now you just have to head over there and let your mind be inspired and oxygenated.