Can you think of a cooler and more iconic trio than Martine Rose, Baby Keem, and Kendrick Lamar? We can’t, and maybe you can’t either. If after a while you don’t have an answer, forget it, it’s not gonna happen. You’re probably wondering why these three talents have come together, and we won’t keep you waiting any longer. The reason for the union is the collaboration that they have carried out on the occasion of the celebration of the performance of ‘The Hillbillies’ (Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar) at Camp Flog Gnaw.

Martine Rose, a successful London-based designer, has been commissioned to shape the project and design a limited edition collection inspired by the world of football and the culture of her home country, the UK. The launch is made up of a selection of cotton garments and accessories, such as T-shirts, football polo shirts, and scarves, which stand out for the worn look and texture achieved thanks to the pigment dyes and the playful graphics and motifs they have. Some of them reference lyrics from Baby Keem and Kendrick Lamar songs like “The Hillbillies” or “Big Protein”, while others are inspired by flyers from past raves. The personal touch is added with the “handwritten T”, on which oklama handwrites the text and signs the T-shirt. The T-shirt references the poetry of the lyrics and adds a simple but intimate connection to “The Hillbillies”.

Emotion has been an ever-present feeling in the project, and Martine Rose has expressed it with the following words: “I was thrilled when we had the opportunity to collaborate. Last year’s concert was amazing, and it’s an honour to work with Kendrick and Baby Keem. We wanted the words to be the main focus of the graphics, choosing phrases that mean a lot to us.”

The Martine Rose x The Hillbillies capsule collection is now on sale on its website.

See the collection below: