Louis Vuitton‘s ski collection is all about craftsmanship, tailored for both on and off the slopes. This season’s lineup brings an active style with maximum versatility. Innovative technical materials enhance bold and aerodynamic looks, applying high-performance design not just to clothing but also to leather goods, shoes, and accessories. From sophisticated alpine ensembles with helmets and balaclavas to silhouettes perfect for a look beyond the slopes, Louis Vuitton takes ski and après-ski wear to new heights of style for the upcoming winter.

The outerwear draws inspiration from sporty models, with graphic motifs refreshing the Monogram design on feather jackets and polished parkas. Voluminous proposals contrast with sleek ski suits and body-hugging layers of sporty knit.

Ski pants, technical gear, and contoured leggings offer entirely different silhouettes, expanding the wardrobe possibilities for going out or staying in. Intense reds, deep navy blues, glacial blues, or crisp black and white—the color palette is both classic and contemporary. The LV Flocon logo, with its original snowflake-inspired design and the Monogram flower, adorns garments and accessories throughout the collection.

Accessories are designed to elevate each look with warmth and style, whether it’s sumptuous wool or shearling scarves, gloves, bucket hats, or ribbed beanies. Ski masks feature gradient-tinted lenses that offer maximum coverage for winter glare. The lightweight sunglasses with Monogram lenses are perfect for daily wear.

The shoe collection is designed to withstand the elements. Ruby is a Chelsea boot trimmed in shearling with a thick rubber sole for added height. Aspen is a boot with a thick sole in two variations: a warm après-ski style in beige, detailed with a Lozine strap inspired by Louis Vuitton trunks, and a versatile alpine style with laces.

Check out the collection below: