080 Barcelona Fashion has welcomed the FW23-24 proposal of MARTÍN ACROSS, a brand that represents a constant journey of exploration and a collection of objects and textures with designs inspired by sediments, layers and minerals designed for fellow travelers.

The designer has presented a collection of post-modern utilitarian designs, inspired by diving and fishing. Experimenting with the classic workman jacket and clothing pieces from the 1920s, his craftsmanship develops an effect that alludes to a shipwreck, showing details in rope, net and hooks. Soft knit pieces, using different techniques, silhouettes and prints, emulate the sensation of diving underwater at night, with flashes of light and fluorescent reflections of corals and mollusks crawling.

Every piece is exquisitely handcrafted in Ecuador with local materials, reconciling the relationship with our planet, with how we produce and consume modern clothing.

Take a look at the collection below: