MARINE SERRE has announced its debut men’s collection. The collection, which was previously integrated with the women’s line, will now have its own lookbook and show, reflecting the brand’s ambition to expand its menswear business and showcase its unique vision of masculine style.

The collection consists of 33 looks that combine MARINE SERRE’s iconic pieces, such as the Moon pattern and the upcycled fabrics, with daily basics and more refined and mature silhouettes. The outfits are inspired by a variety of influences, from hip-hop industrial to sartorial uniforms, and are presented in four different locations that represent the evolution of time, space and hybrid mindsets.

The collection will be released in three drops, each with its own theme and palette. The first drop, which will be available in June, features natural aqua blue and earthy tones, and highlights the essential uniform of blue Moon denim in various shapes. The collection also plays with the Moon motif in different styles and materials, such as jacquard knit, transparent mesh, printed silk and the iconic jersey. The first drop is ideal for spring breakers who want to transition from city life to summer reunions, with lighter pieces such as upcycled household linen shirts, peachy floral djellabas and a fresh vibe that captures the essence of summer’s first moments.

The second drop, which will be launched in July, offers a versatile daywear that blends holiday vibes with workwear functionality. The line showcases regenerated denim, organic cotton canvas, Moonogram embossed leather, knitwear in resilient tan hues, graphic upcycled t-shirts and sweatshirts, providing a sophisticated yet relaxed wardrobe. The urban edge continues into fall, featuring vibrant tones of green, red and purple and the Moon Airbrushed technique, developed into luxury leather, daily matching t-shirts and a brand-new compact bowling bag: the STRIKE, making its debut in the brand’s wardrobe.

The third and final drop, which will be released in August, redefines the uniform for a sophisticated back to business, featuring elegant poplin shirts, Moon Argyle knit, timeless wool coats and Moon diamond jacquard tailored pieces, such as sartorial jackets matching tailored relaxed bermudas, in black or new navy blue. As a final touch, the collection introduces a new shape of thin elegant tie. Additionally, this chapter offers urban chic with a black vs. red Berliner industrial mood, including red moiré puffer coats, black nylon sporty tracksuits and djellaba dresses, twisted with a brand-new trail version of the MS RISE sneaker -the MS Rise TYKO- available in three earthy toned colorways with contrasted laces.

Check out the collection below: