The Belgian designer Dries Van Noten is known for his eclectic and innovative style, blending different influences and inspirations in his collections. For his Fall/Winter 2024-25 menswear line, he continues to explore the idea of contrast and harmony, creating a new vision of elegance for the modern man.

Van Noten plays with the tension of contrasts, mixing the refined and rustic, the sophisticated and the casual, the solid and the delicate, the clean and the natural, the past and the present. He creates a dialogue between different gestures, textures, colors, and patterns, finding a way to make them work together in harmony.

The collection also reflects Van Noten’s vision of what refinement and elegance means today, in a world where the boundaries between formal and informal, traditional and contemporary, are blurred. He proposes a new way of dressing, where the rules are flexible and adaptable, and where the individual can express his own style and identity. The collection offers a variety of options, from tailored suits and coats, to relaxed shirts and trousers, to cozy knitwear and jackets, all with a distinctive flair and sophistication.

Check out the collection below: