Paris and its well-known fashion week breathed Hollywood vibes again thanks to the creative director and founder of the fashion house AMIRI, Mike Amiri, and not because the attendees of the show held at the venue of the brand, Le Carreau du Temple, were high-profile celebrities, but because the Fall/Winter 2024 collection presented by the designer was inspired by that era and related to the history of young idols who have become timeless icons.

Timelessness is something that struck a chord with Mike, as almost 100% of the looks in expressive colours (champagne, teal, powder blue, tan, burgundy, and blush) that crossed the velvet curtain (evoking a movie theatre) and stepped onto the French floor covered in make-up-coloured carpet with the logo, clearly reflected this, as well as a contemporary refinement with touches of relaxation, freedom, and daring. This is how Mr Amiri imagines old Hollywood and brings it into the present day.

For next season, the brand’s wardrobe is romantic and irreverent; just take a look at the traditional American dinner jackets transformed into loose-fitting, casual suits. The double-breasted shapes of these suits are accentuated and elongated, the coat collars are accentuated, the shoulders are softened and the length is shortened. As for the bottom, the high waist is elongated with exaggerated nonchalance, and the thin belts extend the play of proportions and stand out with skater sensibility. These details are the reasons why the garments truly deserve to be called timeless as well as contemporary.

In order to elevate the designs further, Mike has used textures reminiscent of iconic red velvet Los Angeles cinemas, subtly manifested in the form of embellishments; hand embroidery in gold thread and rhinestones; luxurious fabrics such as tweed, silk, mohair, wool twill, among others; and craftsmanship. As for the last mentioned, something to which special attention is given in the firm, AMIRI has deployed all his knowledge about it and has created a new pattern called MA Quad, establishing a geometric monogram of the house and interpreted in tailoring or silk scarves.

Complementing the American’s clothing line are the new “Sunset Skate” sneakers with exaggerated proportions, “Stacked Loafers” moccasins, and accessories such as wallet bags and wool hats.

What did you think of Mike Amiri’s celebration of Hollywood tradition and ode to the stars in his collection? Check it out below: