Welcome to the world of Acne Studios and their interpretation of a ‘Grand Tour’ wardrobe. This Spring/Summer 2024 collection draws inspiration from the contemporary explorer, celebrating a unique vacation style that is both eccentric and captivating, all centered around the enduring charm of beloved denim. But that’s not all—this collection features a special collaboration with Swedish ceramist and glass artist, Per B. Sundberg.

For spring, I was thinking about how young men in the 17th-century would go on a ‘Grand Tour’ to see important destinations across Europe, and come home more cultivated. I took a trip to Venice. It reminded me that when you’re travelling, you choose to pack your really personal garments, and these get mixed up with new-found pieces, maybe historical garments, or merchandise you bought from a tourist shop. You experiment with what you have in your suitcase – you feel kind of free to change your identity, and to be more eccentric with your style. The other thing I was thinking about was how important denim is when you’re on your travels – it’s an axle for everything else, and you can wear it anywhere. This collection is partly based on some of my favourite vintage denim pieces from my archive that I engineered to create a trompe-l’oeil effect. It’s not a defined silhouette or a clear graphic look, it’s more layered. It’s about an accumulation of things you’ve picked up along the way,” says Jonny Johansson, Creative Director, Acne Studios.

Take a look at the collection below: