Marco Ribeiro is a Brazilian independent fashion designer based in Paris. For him, creating clothes is an intrinsic form of self-expression. Fashion is a personal vehicle to create the world that he believes in, helping him unapologetically be himself at all times. MARCO RIBEIRO’s collections are fueled by how he sees and experiences life, his memories, and his personal exploration of identity.

Marco Ribeiro COLLECTION VI [maRCoLOco] was highlighted during a very special installation at the Sheriff Gallery, where photography and fashion have blended to act as the catalyst immersing you in his universe. Along with his friends, the creative mind Naguel Rivero, and the stylist Ola Ebiti, they have developed a series of images that depict the collection worn by Dizy, Eugénio, and Eric in Jourdain in the 19th arrondissement of Paris, a familiar environment that daily surrounds Marco and his creative studio. In addition to these images, the installation includes objects, such as chairs, that aim to awaken each person’s inner child and, hopefully, disrupt the feeling of uneasy routine that is often imposed on us.

Take a look below: