The Walmart car park in the southeast was the starting point for Eytys‘ new campaign, which relates to the love story between three young people and one of their first dates, where they grabbed snacks like cherry-flavored pop tarts and a bag of Doritos. The uncertainty was there and surrounded the atmosphere with an air of mystery as to whether the date would go well or not.

For this special occasion, one of the protagonists wore washed-out, baggy blue jeans and a ribbed tank top, which went from white to blue. Both young men, as is normal at that age, flirted and brought playfulness and eroticism to the date, which suddenly appeared the moment Miles turned his gaze to the girl’s nipples, as they were transparent due to the top she was wearing. This made the third person in question, who was also on the date, jealous. Meanwhile Miles, for that encounter, chose a pair of baggy jeans and combined them with white leather trainers and a T-shirt of the same color with a “Eurotrash” print on the chest.

All in all, the images that make up the Swedish-based brand’s campaign reflect love and youth, from an innocent but sometimes naughty point of view, and the love they have for the world of denim. It is also a celebration of love triangles. All this has been made possible thanks to the lens of artist Alyssa Kazew, who photographed the campaign.

The garments that appear in the selection of images are already available both on the brand’s website and in its physical stores. Some of them, in particular the “BENZ” model, is Eytys’ version of the 90’s baggy jeans, presented in different washes: a softly lightened raw denim, a classic stonewashed, or a subtly bleached indigo denim.

Take a look at the images below: