The MaMA Festival is like the Parisian version of the SXSW festival. From October 13th to 15th, the north of Paris welcomes in 8 venues 80 shows, and 3 partying nights full of discoveries! This event will give the chance to agencies, labels, publishing or management companies to have their artists wherever they come from to play in front of an international audience of music professionals, media, and Parisian festival-goers. Here are three artists you need to check!


Annael was born in Brazzaville and grew up between Congo, Moscow and Paris. He thrives in music as a singer, songwriter and beatmaker. At the age of 10, Annael returned to school with two options: music and dance. He developed his musical ear and rhythm there, where he learned different types of dance. He recently released his new single “Regards Volés” and it’s a deep late 90’s R’n’B electronic banger.

Joseph Schiano Di Lombo

Probably the most atypical artist on the lineup of the festival. French Multidisciplinary artist Joseph Schiano di Lombo trained as a pianist and a graduate of the Arts Décoratifs de Paris. Joseph is defined as an unclassifiable artist, playing with all kinds of games using a wide variety of practices in his work, from drawing to music and writing. His latest album “Musique de Niche” might be the perfect love letter for his dog’s admiration.

Franky Gogo

Sexy and feverish, Franky Gogo’s music draws new geography on the ruins of the old world: the bodies are mutant, the borders submersible. Here, desire rules as listening to Gogo is experiencing a disruption of all the senses, an erotic and martial hand-to-hand with the world as it is: violent. Mixing the codes, Franky Gogo has multiple identities and their music is resolutely queer.

More information about the MaMA Festival HERE!