Mihara Yasuhiro‘s latest collection confronts the erosion of individuality in a world obsessed with surface. We consume fleeting appearances, discarding the stories that once imbued them with depth. Public and private lives bleed into one another, leaving us with masks as our true selves.

This season’s designs embody this ironic façade. MA-1 jackets and denim are all facade, mimicking the superficial human expression. Reversible shirts and blousons blur the lines of front and back, reflecting a world where established notions are dissolving.

Continuing their collaboration with TATA, transfer prints evoke masks clinging to bare faces, a paradoxical exposure of the hidden beneath the mask. The new “SCOTT” and “LARRY” sneakers, with their warped soles, stand as a defiant symbol of Maison Mihara Yasuhiro’s unwavering core amidst the shifting sands of identity.

Check out the collection below: