Kim Jones’ Dior Summer 2025 men’s collection was a remarkable testament to savoir-faire excellence, combining utility, longevity, originality, and legacy. With a front row made up of many familiar faces from around the world including Maluma, Louis Garrel, Robert Pattinson, TXT, and more, models made their way down the catwalk, populated with blown-up versions of cat sculptures by ceramic artist Hylton Nel. The colorful, naive creatures, were embellished with vivid hand-drawn designs and featured features of the human form such as arms, legs, and hair.

Inspired by the motifs and monumentalism of South African artist Hylton Nel’s oeuvre, the artistic director creates various engaging creative conversations at the intersection of handicraft and couture. The outlines, sculpted by the virtuosity of the hand, show shapes that are both sculptural and practical. Reflecting this remarkable mix, the pieces feature colorful patterns, prints, and ceramic fastenings sourced from the artist’s universe. Meanwhile, hats were designed in cooperation with Stephen Jones and Earth Age, a Cape Town-based company that hand-crocheted the beanie-style headwear, which was then embellished with ceramic beads in Paris.

The collection conveyed a sense of ease and grace from the bags to the shoes, a more understated mood from the couture pieces we were spoiled with last season. Rounded volumes abound in tailoring and outerwear, creating a sensual finish. The footwear focuses on one of the most traditional labor shoes: the clog, while the bags use basic and noble materials such as hardwearing canvas and raffia or leather to create a contrast. More than ever, these extraordinary models exude a sense of different ateliers collaborating without hierarchy, the global with the local. The artisans’ talent, intent, and pride in their work unify everyone.

Check out the collection below: