Magliano and U-Power continue to forge their unique path in the fashion world. Their ongoing partnership is a testament to the power of re-envisioning workwear with a touch of subdued romanticism. This innovative approach is deeply rooted in the principles of an artistic and cultural movement renowned for its role during a time when personal and political freedoms were heavily constrained.

The latest testament to their creative synergy is a monumental sculpture that pays homage to the enduring influence of Socialist Realism, also known as Socrealism. This striking piece is the brainchild of the Warsaw-based creative partnership, Daughter of Lama.

The Spring/Summer 2024 collection from this collaboration is a showcase of three distinct styles: the Scandy, Fit, and Latitude. Each piece embodies the essence of the collaboration’s vision and is now available for admirers and patrons alike on the official Magliano website.

Check it out below: