Andreas Moskin has launched its Spring/Summer collection, drawing inspiration from the iconic painting “A Bigger Splash” by artist David Hockney. Known for his vivid and often saturated colors, Hockney’s work is a celebration of innovative art-making, with a deep exploration of perception and space.

Emulating the essence of Hockney’s masterpiece, Andreas Moskin’s collection is a burst of vibrant colors, with pink and yellow taking center stage. The infusion of pink is not just a color choice but a visual narrative of spring’s fresh and joyful spirit. This season, the brand boldly steps away from traditional tailoring, opting instead for a palette that’s as lively as the season itself.

The collection’s design ethos mirrors the painting’s clean lines and the dynamic energy of the splash. Hockney’s playful and expressive nature is woven into the fabric of the collection, with Andreas Moskin introducing unexpected design elements. Deconstructed blazers, no-collar jackets, extravagant palazzo pants, and bermuda shorts are testament to the brand’s commitment to fun and freedom.

Check out the campaign images below: