Luca Magliano is very clear about where he wants to take his brand, to the top. Every effort has its reward and the Italian designer is experiencing first-hand what success means, as his recently presented Fall/Winter 23 collection received a standing ovation.

The sound of applause, gratifying for anyone, made the two thousand chairs that reigned the chosen location vibrate. And yes, you read that right, two thousand overcrowded chairs that became part of the protagonists of the show and represented many things, among them the limit of presence or proximity between people.

In front of this unstable wall, the models who made up the cast (all different from each other), stood stealthily and with a certain air of mystery to allow themselves to be photographed by the accredited photographers, who captured the looks and the pieces they wore with precision so that those who could not attend could see Luca’s mastery.

Fabrics such as tulle, nylon crepe, bamboo fabric, and wool were part of what made Mr. Magliano’s creations shine. This, together with the complex shapes he creates, results in hybrid, timeless and avant-garde pieces that intertwine, knot, and transform. And just to show you how rich the brand’s offer is, even the underwear is made with high-end fabrics, such as mohair.

The richness we talked about earlier was also reflected in the design and creativity, as old military blankets were used to create dressing gowns, conveying an idea of personal elegance that is already deeply rooted in the brand. Sometimes wealth goes hand in hand with luxury, but for L.M. that’s just a gesture.

To round off this line, we find a collaboration with U-power, a leading manufacturer of safety footwear, which celebrates Magliano’s hero: the worker. This tribute couldn’t be chicer.

Check out the collection below: